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About the Vegan Banker

The vegan banker came from a “What defines you?” question from an acquaintance. It was quite difficult to answer this question at the beginning, but while talking I realized it had a funny contrast:

I am a banker in London, I live an urban life far away from any green. Bankers are usually seen as ambitious, opportunistic and happy to live under the law of the strong rules.

I turned vegan for ethics belief, because I do not want to be the cause of animal suffering.

This does not really fit with the image of a pitiless greedy finance person. So here came the name of the blog taking 2 parts of my life that are not fitting that well together.

On this blog, I will keep an index of my food recipes, my cosmetics recipes, my knitting projects and any vegan experience I would like to share.

Regarding food, there will not be a lot of sweet recipes, as I do not like sugar. There will be easy, quick and tasty vegan dishes. I will also share my fails, so I will avoid doing it again!

Regarding cosmetics, as I barely wear make up, there will be recipe of serum, oil mixt mask and feedback on products I bought.

Regarding knitting, there will be my projects and where to find the materials.